Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Brighten the Corner Where You Are"

C.H.'s Party Piece ~ Philosophy of Life


                                                "Brighten the Corner Where You Are"
                               Words by Ina Dudley Ogden, Music by Charles H. Gabriel, 1913.

It is unclear whether C.H. ever heard the popular evangelist and gospel singer Homer Rodeheaver
in person.  What did happen was that Rodeheaver's singing of "Brighten the Corner Where You Are"
struck a chord in C.H. while he was still a boy in Kansas.  His folks were not the tent meeting types,
so he could have heard one of the many 78 rpm versions that Rodeheaver recorded for the Victor Talking Machine Company.         www.loc.gov/jukebox/recordings/detail/id/1935

                Alice accompanies C.H. in a rendition of "Brighten the Corner Where You Are", 1980s.

C.H. sang this song all his life, mostly at gatherings where a piano was handy so Alice could
accompany him.  He treated his captive audience to a rousing revival-style rendition that would
have made Rodeheaver proud!

If you knew C.H., you might agree he lived the message of the song lyrics.  What of his singing
ability?  Let's just say his enthusiasm more than made up for his vocal qualities!

At Judge Mullen's memorial service on November 18, 1999, members of the First Presbyterian Church
Adult Choir sang a four-part version in C.H.'s memory.

                                     And now... for your listening pleasure,
                                              The Statesmen Quartet
                                      "Brighten the Corner Where You Are"
                                                (Courtesy of YouTube)



Monday, July 18, 2011

"They Called Him C.H."

History ~ Photographs ~ Memorabilia


                                 Made in conjunction with the memorial service, November 18, 1999.
                                 Written and produced by Blaine Lam of Lam & Associates, Kalamazoo.

Welcome to
Remembering Judge Mullen
A tribute to the life of the late Judge C.H. Mullen
of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

                                       Judge C.H. Mullen, Circuit Judge, Ninth Judicial Circuit,
                                                       Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1977-1987.
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C.H. and Alice Mullen at home, 1990s.

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