Monday, August 15, 2011

"Welcome to C.H.'s Tribute Blog"

History ~ Photographs ~ Memorabilia

                                                          Judge C.H. Mullen (1917-1999)
                                                          -Photograph by Allen Studios, 1977

        Welcome to Remembering Judge Mullen, a tribute blog dedicated to the life of the late
        Judge C.H. Mullen of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

        Scroll down this HOME page for a look at his career as a judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit
        of Kalamazoo County:  from his gubernatorial appointment in 1977, his subsequent election
        to the bench, chief judgeship, re-election, to his retirement from the bench in 1987.

        Blog postings on this page appear in the following order:

        "On the Bench" ~  Governor's Appointment ~ New Career ~ Election

        "On the Bench:  The Next Phase" ~ Chief Judge ~ Re-election ~ Retirement

        "Making Headlines" ~ The Kalamazoo Gazette Gets the Story

        "Jelly Bean Justice" ~ A Tradition Continues

        "Brighten the Corner Where You Are" ~ C.H.'s Party Piece ~ Philosophy of Life
          (Click on Older Posts)

        "They Called Him C.H." ~ History ~ Photographs ~ Memorabilia
          (Click on Older Posts)

Watch for TITLE TABS to appear on this blog in the upcoming weeks!  You will read about C.H.'s
early life:  his boyhood in Kansas, his student days at the University of Kansas, his marriage to Alice,
World War II in Washington, D.C., the University of Michigan law school, choosing Kalamazoo as
their home, his life and career here from 1947 to 1977, when he became judge.  

~ All photographs, articles, letters, and memorabilia are from the family's personal archives.

~ Click on the link below to read existing online articles about C.H.'s life and times:
                           ALICE'S ARCHIVES
                      Scroll down the Alice's Archives HOME page to read two postings:

                            "From K.U. to Kalamazoo"  and  "About Alice... and C.H."


              This short biography of C.H. Mullen appeared in the Testimonial Dinner Program, 1987.

                                                     HONORABLE C.H. MULLEN
                                                           Testimonial Dinner
                                                         Kalamazoo Hilton Inn
                                                            November 4, 1987

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